Eating Well Through All “Seasons”!   

Eating Well Through All “Seasons”!

It’s no doubt that during these difficult times you are often under a lot of pressure and tend to let many things slip. Many people forget to eat healthy in their quest to stay abroad of others and in their effort to achieve and stand out. Some even scrimp out on a good meal to help save money. A healthy diet can in fact help you feel and perform better in
your work place and your daily life.

Eat A Good Breakfast!
We can never emphasize this enough. Skipping breakfast
actually has a negative effect on your everyday achievements.
Eat something light such as cereal, toast, fruit or juice which
ills you up and helps you concentrate better. Stay away from a heavy breakfast though...or you may find yourself falling
asleep at your desk!

Don’t Starve Yourself!
No matter how busy you are, always find time to grab a quick bite. Not only is starving yourself unhealthy, it can be very dangerous should you go overboard!

Refrain From Fast Food...
Though it is advisable to grab a “quick” bite when you are
busy, fast food is not the answer. Fast food is usually made
up of processed meat which isn’t good for your heart and
digestive system. Eating it once in a while may be alright, but refrain from eating too much or you will suffer the
consequences later!

Choose Your Liquids Wisely.
If you think that coffee can keep you awake and alert all day
long, think again. Caffeine overload causes havoc to your
body (and mind) and in the long run may bring the onset of
certain conditions like anxiety and uneasiness. So keep your
intake at one, or at the most two, cups per day.

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