Eat Wise To Keep Cardiovascular Disease At bay   

Eat Wise To Keep Cardiovascular Disease At bay


For many years now, the diet has been too high in all things unhealthy. Vegetables, fruits and grains have taken a backseat to hamburgers, pizza, and tacos.

This has made us very vulnerable to heart and blood vessel diseases, not to mention a whole range of other ailments.

You can make a huge difference to your heart and general health by making a few simple changes to your eating ha bits. Start gradually, and see how many of these changes you can incorporate into your daily diet.

1. Make vegetables a major part of at least one meal each day, and eat plenty of fruit.

2. Choose wholegrain breads instead of white varieties more often.

3. Eat more cereals (rice, pasta and other grains) and legumes (peas and beans). If you are making an eastern dish for your family, try flavoring it with small amounts of lean meat, rather than centering the whole meal around meat.

4. Use small amounts of very lean meats, and eat poultry without skin.

5. Choose low-fat dairy products (milk, yoghurt and cheese).

6. Eat fish at least twice a week, but don't fry it. The Chinese preparation of steamed fish is the healthiest. Curried and grilled fish are also good.

7. Make high-fat and/or high sugar bakery products, fast foods, desserts, soft drinks and confectionery occasional treats rather than everyday food. A rich dessert doesn't need to be served everyday!

8. Use monounsaturated or polyunsaturated oils (eg, olive, canola, sunflower and safflower) or cooking.

9. Use small amounts of margarine spreads or olive oil instead of butter.

10. Grill, boil, steam, bake or microwave rather than fry.

11. Reduce your salt intake.

12. Drink plenty of water.

13. Rediscover the joy of cooking wholesome meals at home, and teach your kids about healthy eating!


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