Downsize Your Dishes   

Downsize Your Dishes


Want to give yourself an advantage in reducing your risk of cancer? Go through your cupboards and ditch your dishes for new ones-smaller ones.

Why? Simple. We eat too much, experts advise.

Recently, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) contacted a firm that makes restaurant plates. "In the past 10 years, the size of the appetizer plate has increased from 6 inches to 9 inches in diameter, and the dinner plates are also larger now," says the NCI's head of cancer prevention. Portions are growing "and we're not burning all of these added calories."

Lab studies show animals that eat less get fewer cancels even when they're injected with cancer cell. "If you have just enough calories for you, you win." "Consume enough calories for you and a tumor, the tumor win."

"When people ask me what they should eat to prevent cancer, cancer prevention expert tell them:'less'"

Controlling the size and content of meals is just one many choices you can make to avoid becoming one of the countless people die of cancer each year. Experts recommend the meat portion should be the smallest on your dish; vegetables and whole grains should dominate.

"Two-thirds of all cancers are preventable, "says a cancer prevention expert. Smoking causes one-third of all cancers; poor diet and a lack of exercise account for another third. Others factors make up the remainder.

To help yourself, experts say, eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily while you cut fat intake and total calories. fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients, low in fat and high in fiber. Who eat more them get less cancer of the colon, rectum, lung and breast.


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