Control Hunger While Dieting   

Control Hunger While Dieting

No matter what kind of diet you're on-low-fat, high-protein, or low-carb-hunger may be lurking to derail many weeks of discipline.

Ways to manage those hunger pangs include; minimizing the intake of trigger foods like potato chips or other foods with "hidden" fat or calories; following a diet plan that uses a meal replacement approach and portion-controlled meals to reduce caloric intake; aerobic and heavy resistance exercise; relapse prevention; social support; and stress reduction.

Regular physical activity is essential for long-term weight control, stress reduction, and overall health. Experts recommend that you participate in both aerobic activity and resistance exercise. Aerobic activity strengthens the heart and burns calories. Resistance exercise strengthens bones, builds muscle, and increases metabolism. But before you begin any new exercise program, consult with your doctor first.

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