About Cold Drinks During Meals and Shower After Meals   

About Cold Drinks During Meals and Shower After Meals

Our stomach has a warm optimum temperature that all the digestive acids can work effectively. Moreover, she says that if we were to take oily foods especially, cold drink will tend to solidify the oil, which then produces sludge. Please do not ask me what this “sludge” means, as I have no idea. The sludge will then react with the stomach acid, and the resulting form is absorbed by the intestine much faster than normal. The sludge will then stick onto the intestine and will lead to cancer.
Wow, those statements are so vague. Moreover, such claim is widely circulated on the internet. Some even say that cold water will cause heart attack. Probably they should not have said it without any solid proof.

There were counter-claims: Our stomach has the capacity to increase the temperature as a result of taking in cold water. This will also lead to more energy being burn. Means it burns calorie. However, do not expect that drinking 8 glasses of cold water can help you lose weight. Just get off from the couch and start exercising!

Does drinking ice or cold water affect our digestion?

There is no scientific evidence showing that consuming cold water can affect our digestion.
Our body will be able to equilibrate the water temperature when it enters our body within a matter of seconds to minutes.
However, drink in moderation (not too much of cold water) as our body
has limitations to self-adjust water temperature within our system.

I heard that it is bad to drink water after a meal. But, why can’t we do it, because normally after a meal we would feel thirsty?

Our body normally produces its own fluids to help digest food. When food enters our stomach, our stomach lining will release enzymes that could break down proteins in the food. Our stomach lining also secretes hydrochloric acid.
This acid creates an ideal condition for the protein-digesting enzymes to work and protect our body from harmful microbes which enter our body through food.
It is not good to drink too much fluid with or after meals because this will dilute the natural digestive juices and may cause indigestion. If you would like to drink water with meals, you may consider drinking a small glass of warm water or a hot soup.

That brings me to the next topic. Have your mom ever advise you not to take shower (bath) right after you had your meal? It is said that doing so will affect your digestion. Why? Well, because when you eat, food enters the stomach. Concurrently, the blood flow to stomach area increases. If you bathe, your body temperature drops, and the blood flow towards the stomach lessens. Hence, the digestion process is less efficient. This claim has quite a number of scientific backings. As for me, I think I would continue bathing before meals, as I would prefer to enjoy my meals with a fresh and clean body (and mind). Hate eating with all those grime and dirt on me.


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