A Reminder To Proper Eating Habits   

A Reminder To Proper Eating Habits


"It is bad to eat too late at night”

“It is good to eat small meals”

These are some of the more common advice given by nutritionists that relate your diet with the time of eating. When we think or talk about healthy meals, the types of food that we should take often come to mind first. However, when you take these meals is also very important to maintain your health.

Normal healthy meal times should be at 7am for breakfast, 1pm for lunch and dinner at 7pm. However, these times vary with season, place and occupation. Not eating at the right times is the most common eating habit disorder. But what actually happens when an individual eats before or after the proper timing?

Meals taken before the usual timing:

When you eat before your usual meal time, the stomach is not found in readiness to receive food and is thus taken by surprise. Similarly, when food is taken in too soon after the previous one, the stomach has not had sufficient time to go through with the digestive process and engage energy for another process.

Meals taken after the usual timing:

Delayed meals cause the stomach to lose its “sharpness” for appetite. This causes a decrease in the inclination to take in food. However, though the sharpness is lost at the moment, it will return without impairing digestive powers.

People often restrain from eating too many meals in a day. However, it is advisable to eat five to six mini meals rather than eating three large meals a day. You may break this down even further, but be careful with the calorie intake. It is also important to decide on the time best to take your meals depending on your schedule, body and other extra activities such as recreation and sports.

Perhaps you may already know all these facts…but do you practice them?

Take this as a reminder and start eating healthy at the proper times.


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