A 'Pacemaker' To Fight Obesity   

A 'Pacemaker' To Fight Obesity


How about a device that sends an electrical impulse to your stomach, making you feel like you've had enough to eat?

Believe it or not, researchers have presented just that kind of "pacemaker" for obese people at the annual scientific meeting of the American Association for the Study of Obesity in Florida.

According to the Associated Press, the implantable gastric stimulator-similar to a cardiac pacemaker- "fools the body into feeling full and could be an effective alternative to radical digestive surgery for helping obese people shed large amounts of weight.

The stimulator has already been tested successfully on 450 obese people who lost an average of 18 percent of their excess weight. Researchers, hope that studies involving more people will show that the stimulator is a much safer alternative to radical stomach surgery that obese people sometimes choose.


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