7 Consequences of Not Having the Right Breakfast   

7 Consequences of Not Having the Right Breakfast

1. Lethargy
Nutritious breakfast "kick-starts" our brain functions as it provides 30% of our daily energy requirement. Our body utilizes reserved energy throughout the night, hence not having the right breakfast or no breakfast is the leading factor to lethargy and poor nutrients absorption throughout
the day.

2. Gastrointestinal Problems
People tends to take heavier lunch when they skipped breakfast, this burdens the digestive systems causing gastro-problems / discomforts.

3. Easily Get Sick
Malnutrition delays immune responses, leading to common cold, cardiovascular and other problems.

4. Easily Gain Weight
People who skip breakfast and take heavy lunch tends to gain weight easier as the body cannot metabolize the sudden enormous energy intake.

5. Gallstones Formation
Cholesterol concentration in the bile is extremely high during empty stomach, causing easy gallstones formation.

6. Premature Aging
Our body rapidly depletes glycogen and protein storage when we skip breakfast, causing dry and wrinkled skin, anemic problems and premature aging.

7. Retarded Growth
Without proper nutrients, teenagers' growth is retarded.

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