5 Types of Food That Can Bloat Your Stomach   

5 Types of Food That Can Bloat Your Stomach


When you are invited to a party, do you feel hesitated because you have been through a situation when you just put on the pretty dress, with your silky body hugging evening gown, and everything from the top to bottom was  perfectly fine EXCEPT one part: Your “ballooned” stomach! Well this not only happens to women but also men. How do you get rid of it? (Disclaimer: Do not misinterpret the advice below as ways to lose your big belly.)

Watch out for salt

Salt causes water retention in your body. Cut down your salt intake. Please be reminded that salt may show up in simple food products like canned vegetable soup and cottage cheese.

Go slow on refined-carbs

You might be thinking, “Oh well, I can avoid rice and have bread instead”. However, do you know that, cookies and white bread are made of white flour, which is not only low in nutrition but can “balloon up” your tummy? That if you over eat it of course. The refined carbohydrates which are not absorbed will be stored around the waist and will retain water temporarily as fast "on-the-go" energy booster when you need it later. This is helpful for those who are involved in strenuous activities like jogging for hours.

Bulky raw veggies

Raw vegetables are the best because their nutrients are not adulterated. However, that is just one part of the story. When it comes prior to meeting your blind date, you may just want to skip tough greens that can take up lots of stomach space, hence resulting in the bloated feeling. Nevertheless, DON’T skip your vegetables. Instead, try small amount which is lightly steamed. 

Gassy food

No, I am not into hammering carbonated drinks today. Gassy food can also refer to the infamously healthy vegetables but also gassy, such as onion, broccoli and Brussels sprout. They are friends that belong to the “cruciferous vegetables” group that might just inflate your tummy and also cause a “gassy episode” (flatulence). So, if you are planning to go for a social event, think twice before you have your broccoli helpings.

Air chewing

When we chew bubble gums, we swallow air indirectly (if you chew with your mouth open. Now, didn’t your mom told you not to chew with your mouth open?!!). The gas will be trapped in our belly and will cause your stomach to bloat. Now, by avoiding these five categories, you can confidently flaunt your flat stomach at the social event without needing to suck-in your stomach.


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