Top 5 Ways to Cook/Eat Healthily   

Top 5 Ways to Cook/Eat Healthily


Eating is pleasure, cooking is passion, Health you must treasure, although your food is decent, So what can you do to fulfill your health mission?
Try reading this before you head into the kitchen.

1. Are you a ‘repeat-offender’?

You have been waiting for your husband to come back and you have prepared his favorite prawn-flour fritters. Yet they are sitting coldly on the table. Will you re-fry them after he comes back just because he likes them hot? Don’t! More oil will get soaked into the fritters. Besides, you will add in more harmful carcinogens (formed due to prolonged high temperature cooking) into your body.

2. Dump the salt, put in herbs

Reduce salt usage and pump in the flavors into your food by cooking them with herbs and spices. Basil, star anise, oregano, chilies and black pepper can tickle your taste buds.

3. Go different with meats

Instead of frying, try roasting (think Kenny Rodger’s Roaster). You can wrap them with aluminum foil and bake them in an oven. For extra flavor and kick, marinade the meat with spices and herbs.

4. Do not be a bookworm

When cooking or baking, try not to always follow the exact amount of salt or sugar needed, as stated your recipes.
If it says ONE tablespoon of sugar, try trimming it by a quarter. You could try reducing the amount a little and hopefully, get a nice meal minus the extra calories.

5. Kiss goodbye to plastic cups/containers for hot drinks and food

Chemicals from the containers/cups can leach out into the food/drink (especially hot or acidic food stuffs). When storing food, keep them away from plastic containers. Use glass or ceramics bowls/plates. Similarly, when eating out, try bringing your own heat-resistant plastic container.
It can withstand heat and is safer than Styrofoam containers. Oh, beware not to keep your drinking water inside your car in sunny days. Your car is likened to an oven in such weather.


Happy reading,

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