Taking Hygiene for granted?   

Taking Hygiene for granted?

Did you Know that each time you flush, you are not just flushing away nature's call? In actual, you are also releasing into the bathroom air large amounts of germs that form above and below the water line in toilets. With every flush more germs are being dispersed around the bathroom than were already present before. In fact, these germs have the ability to disperse within a 10 feet radius of the toilet, and they can linger for up to 30 minutes after each flush.

From there, these germs are inhaled through your nose, or deposited on the toilet flush handle, toilet seat and even the toilet roll. This means that you should always keep your toothbrush at least 10 feet away from the toilet. And if you are living with children, the elderly or those with poor immune system, they can also be more susceptible to the ill effects of germs, including diarrhoea and stomach flu.

SARS epidemic has also taught us the urgent need, and importance of, hygiene- especially in the toilet where germs tend to thrive. One of the simple ways to keep your toilet germs under control is to use a disinfectant toilet blue that disinfects the water in your toilet with every flush. Remember that a single bacterium multiplies to a million in the matter of hours with the right condition.

Tips to good hygiene

• Wash the toilet regularly, using a disinfectant.
• When cleaning the toilet bowl, don't just clean around it; clean well the inner rim of the toilet bowl.
• Wash your hand and dry them carefully each time after using the toilet.

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