Non-stick Cookware May Lead to Diabetes   

Non-stick Cookware May Lead to Diabetes

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Scientists have found a link between high levels of perfluorinated compounds — widely used in non-stick cookware — and diabetes. In a new study, a research team led by Uppsala University said perfluorinated compounds are environmental toxins and there is a link between their high levels in blood and diabetes.

The research group at Uppsala University has previously shown associations between high levels of environmental toxins, such as PCB, pesticides, and phthalates and diabetes. They have investigated whether elevated levels of another type of environmental toxin, so-called perfluorinated compounds, are related to diabetes. Perfluorinated compounds are used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer products, including fire fighting foam, non-stick cookware, and grease and water-repellent materials such as food contact material, ski wax and Gore-Tex , for example.

In a group of more than a thousand 70-year-old men and women, levels of seven different perfluorinated compounds were measured in the blood and related to whether the individuals had diabetes (114 persons) or not.

These seven perfluorinated compounds were detectable in virtually all individuals in the study.

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