How to Get Healthy and Strong Bones   

How to Get Healthy and Strong Bones

Scientific studies have shown that our skeleton is just over 95% complete by the time we are 18 years of age. By the time we are in our mid 30s, we add on another 5% or so to make it the most dense bone growth of our lifetime. After around age 40, that dense mass starts to deteriorate little by little, causing our bones to become lighter and more brittle. This is what osteoporosis is and, as we get older, this becomes more and more pronounced.

The reason we have such dense bone structure in our mid 30s is the amount of minerals that get stored in our skeletal structure hits its peak. After that it’s a slow downhill slide as we lose mass every single day because our bodies naturally start to reabsorb that mineralization from our bones. There is really little you can do to prevent 100% of the bone loss, but there are ways that you can slow this down to a minimum and still maintain healthy bones and skeletal structure.

One of these ways is with calcium supplements. You can take these supplements twice a day and it will help with the slowing down of the bone loss. But one thing you should keep in mind is that calcium is not the only thing you need. You will also need vitamins and minerals to make it easier for your system to absorb the calcium in order to help your bones. You will also be surprised to know that exercise will help you in maintaining your bone strength. With repeated exercise routines you can help the muscles maintain bone structure as they pull and push on the skeletal frame. Taking all of this into mind, if you eat healthy, take your supplements, and exercise regularly you shouldn’t have to worry all that much about bone loss.

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