Your Family Health Tree –Health Status in the Future   

Your Family Health Tree –Health Status in the Futures

A family health tree is very important when it comes to monitoring our future generations’ health status. Certain diseases are genetically inherited (some of which are to a certain degree of probability), such as diabetes, breast cancer and haemophilia. If in a family, children with parents or grandparents who have or had diabetes run a higher risk of getting diabetes too. Although we know about it, most of the time, we ignore it and we take it for granted.

If your close relatives have a history of chronic diseases, it is not too exaggerating for you to begin to be on the cautious side. You should be
aware of such signs and take care of your health and even your future generation(s), before anything goes wrong.

Let’s see what medical professionals have to say.

“People share the same blood with their family members. You may get whatever they have. Family health tree could help patients who are worry about their risk status”

“The chance of developing an inherited condition relies on type of disease, number and closeness of relative who have it the disease. It is important to check the extended family history”

“Many people habitually say that it won’t happen to them, but they must bear in mind if anything happened to their relatives that it could happen to them. Most of the public in this rushing world have fallback attitude towards health problem”

“Although we totally cannot change the genetic health problem but we can prevent a danger if we take corrective action earlier”

We can recognize traits that run in family, such as curly hair and dimples.
The same goes with diseases known to have hereditary factor, such as asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and certain cancers (breast cancer).

So, why not start researching your family medical record. Give a helping hand not only to yourself but also your future generations. Know your health risk factors and get into full mode of living a healthier lifestyle. You could even say that a family heath history is your best gift for your future generations.

You may think that it is very difficult to record family history (especially medical history) and you may think it is hard to figure what to ask and how to jot down a proper medical history? The next article “An Easy Way for Your Family Health History” will be up soon to explain more about what to ask and what to do to get proper family medical history.


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