What Causes Belly Fat?   

What Causes Belly Fat?

If you think Santa’s big belly fat is adorable, you might be digging your own grave even before Christmas arrives. Some are not aware about the health complications caused by this fat that covers the area around your hips, abdomen and waist.

An apple shaped people have fats that surround organs and these fats are termed visceral fats. Visceral fats are dangerous disease-causing fats that could increase your blood sugar, cause inflammations and produce chemical as well as hormones that will lead to disease like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Pear shaped people have their majority of fats stored at their lower body part (usually stored mostly at hips) and susceptible to experience eating disorder. The fats are also called subcutaneous fat. They are more prone to osteoporosis but pear-shaped females especially, run lower risks of getting cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and pregnancy delivery complications.

Although majority of people view that formation of fat on tummy areas is due to the overeating habits, but there are lot of other factors that lead to tummy fat accumulation.

Stress is one of the causes of tummy fat if you have habit of eating when you are in stress. Stress causes the body to release cortisol, which causes the liver to release excess sugar to our body. When sugar released, hunger will be triggered and that particular person will be very hungry and tend to eat a lot.

If your mom is pear-shaped, most likely you are the same (and maybe your mom’s mom too). This goes to say that fat distribution around your body is partly genetically determined.

On the other hand, a slower metabolism is another factor that causes belly fat. Metabolic rate accounts to burning of fat. As we getting older the metabolic rate will be slower. Thus fat tend to accumulate at some body parts especially at your tummy side.

Taking supper is bad. You do not have the chance to burn off much your fats (calories) you had consumed due to your night-eating. Those who must have night snacks, op for healthier ones such habit can consume banana or almonds to reduce their hunger.

Most of us aware that we have to watch out our diet, coupled with regular exercise to help us in the effort to flatten our tummy, but we not really know the proper foods and proper technique of exercise that has be used to trim the tummy.

The next article “say goodbye for your fat tummy” would clear all your doubts about proper diets and exercise should be practices for flatten your tummy fat.

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