Travelers’ Health – Voices from Egypt   

Travelers’ Health – Voices from Egypt

Every year, people all around the world travel for many reasons:
Business, pleasure, work-related as well as for vacations. Whatever the reason may be, travelers should be concerned about one thing in general – their health. A recent interview between a reporter and a young traveler reveals how he regards his health during his travels and some advice as an experienced traveler.

Puven, currently based in Cairo, Egypt, has traveled abroad to places like Sudan, Singapore, France, Oman, the Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar due to his position as a field specialist. On average, he travels at least five times a year. When asked about his awareness on health, Puven replied:
“I do worry about my health and in fact consult my physician before I leave for another country. However, this is more due to the fact that the company requires a medical health report before employees are able to go abroad. Young travelers like me are often not that health conscious
and are usually needed to be reminded to look after ourselves.”

Besides vaccinations, Puven does a major medical check-up once every three years. He has been lucky as he has not suffered from any chronic diseases to date. However, cleanliness is very important to him and unhygienic environments and foods make him uneasy. When asked to
share some advice or experience from his travels, “It is better to take prescribed medication from your own physician compared with getting medication from the doctors in foreign countries.

This especially applies if you are currently suffering from particular illnesses. It is important as medication in different countries may have slightly varying chemical compositions which may not agree with the individual. Sleeping patterns may also change with different time zones and it is advisable for a person to arrive at a country a few days earlier (especially those on work-related trips) to avoid the jet-lag effect.


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