The Es in Dried Fruits - (PART 1)   

The Es in Dried Fruits - (PART 1)

“Colourful as rainbow and tasty like heaven - they have lots of fibers and some healthy minerals inside them. They are ‘Dried Fruits’. Of course fresh fruits are lovely and refreshing. Nothing beats juicy watermelons, crunchy apples or stinking good durians.”

“But hey, dried fruits are some healthy bunch of quick bites, aren’t they? They are healthier alternatives compared to junk foods like chips, cakes, candies and cookies. Who does not fancy tasty dried fruits like raisins, figs, prunes, dates, dried apricots and peaches?”

“But I heard that they contain lots of things called THE Es. Who are they? Are they Energy, Vitamin E, Essential fatty acids or something bad like E. coli?”

“To satisfy my hunger of understanding the Elusive Es, I started digging for answers."

"What I found was that besides involving a drying process, dried fruits makers add some amounts of chemicals. Each of those chemicals is coded with the letter E. Collectively, they are called ‘The E-Numbers'.

"There are a long list of chemicals used in making food stuffs
(and my, they are really L-OOO-NG). Do not forget that chemicals have long names too. When you combine these two factors, you will have a DOUBLE WHAMMY.

First; manufacturers will eventually start scratching their heads.
Second; We consumers will be confused too, obviously. Hey, you cannot expect non-science folks to actually know every chemically infiltrated jargons. Not to mention most of us have short reading spans.
Indeed, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand ingredient list do matter".

“Why they want to add chemicals to my dearest dried fruits (I will not go long winded about what they add into other food products like bread and sweets)?” you asked. Here is why:
1. Maintain the fruits’ appearances – First impression does
2. Retain some nutritional contents. Or replenish nutrients that may be lost during processing.
3. Prevent microorganisms from breeding happily. You do not want some colorful-looking things (usually moulds) to grow on your dried fruits in matters of days.
4. Extend shelf-lives of dried fruits. Who likes spoiled food

Even though chemical preservatives (in particular, the E- members) are good for the fruits, they are also harmful to us! You may get headache, stomach ache, serious allergy reactions, asthma attacks and even cancers!


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