Sweet flu   

Sweet flu

Now, I am down with flu. Instead of taking medications (hate popping in antibiotics, which only makes me sleepy and increase the drug resistance of ‘my’ viruses and bacteria).

I just read an article about fighting flu by staying away from refined sugar; “One Way to Fight Colds & The Flu” .
What is the point of consuming antibiotic, medicine or even herbs and supplements if we do not get to the root of the problem - our sugar consumption? Ironically, most cough syrup still contains sugar.
Did you know that it is a ‘taboo’ to consume sugar when you are sick?

Sugar is known to weaken our body’s ‘first line defense’ - white blood cells. If our bloodstream is streaming (pun intended) with excessive glucose (from our sugar-laden diet), this can weakened the already compromised white blood cells of their ability to fight bacteria and virus.

A research paper had revealed that our white blood cells’ inefficiency of fighting ‘germs’ will last up to five hours, even in a healthy person’s body.

Guess I need to treat sugar as enemy for a few days now until I recover from flu. Oh no, I was eating a sweet while writing this newsletter. Oops… 

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