Sun Dynamics   

Sun Dynamics

relentless, blazing sun can bring about skin cancer. How would you know if you have melanoma?

Reportedly, it's all in your moles.

Determine if: Your mole is asymmetric i.e. one side is bigger than the other.

Check the border for jagged edges. Does the mole have different colours?

Is it larger than six millimetres in diameter?

If your answer is affirmative to any of the above, see a doctor.

But to avoid melanoma in the first place, never wear a sunscreen under SPF 15. But don't be over-fixated with SPFs above that though, as they reportedly give you only a few more percentage points worth of protection. Try to use sun block that contains zinc, but avoid those with oxybenzone. That's a chemical that acts like a hormone and it might be harmful to your health as it absorbs through the skin.

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