Some Interesting Facts about Vitamin D   

Some Interesting Facts about Vitamin D

Vitamin D is found naturally in food sources such as cod liver oil, tuna, sardines, eggs and milk and of course obtained through sun exposure.

It is a well-known fact that vitamin D is crucial for strong bones and teeth as it helps our body to absorb calcium. However, the function of vitamin D is not limited to calcium absorption only.

Research has shown that:

Sunlight, a source of vitamin D, may prevent cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer and renal cancer.

Furthermore, a deficiency of vitamin D causes:

1.  1. Alzheimer’s disease

2. Diabetes Type 1 and 2

3. Heart disease

4. Sexual dysfunction

5. Obesity

6. Parkinson’s disease

7. PMS

8. Psoriasis

9. Osteoporosis

10. Allergies

11. Autoimmune disorders

Some other interesting facts about vitamin D:
1. Vitamin D can help when you are having the flu or common cold.
2. Vitamin D deficiency is more prevalent among pregnant women; more so among black pregnant ladies and their babies compared with white pregnant women and their babies.
3. Sun exposure is the safest way of getting vitamin D. Our body is able to synthesize enough vitamin D within 25 minutes of exposure to face and hands, and only 10-15 minutes for those with lighter skin. 


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