Not So Healthy Snacks That You Thought Are Healthy   

Not So Healthy Snacks That You Thought Are Healthy

It is late in the afternoon. You just had had your lunch three hours ago and now you feel like munching something again. So, you walk to the pantry/kitchen, searching (like a rat hunting for food) for a healthy snack to satisfy your hunger.

There are three food types to choose. Being the healthy you, which of the three are considered a healthy snack (refer below)?

A. Granola Bars
B. Frozen Yogurts
C. Sushi/ California Rolls

Actually, NONE of the snacks mentioned above are ENTIRELY healthy.
Shocked? Wondering why is it so?

A. Granola Bar – A healthy bar?

“Time is running out, I am late for work. I’ll get a granola bar at 7-Eleven on my way to office then. At least it is better than fattening doughnuts.”

A lovely piece of granola bar – now, isn’t that healthy or what. NOT - The hype of healthy and high-fiber granola bars is farfetched. Many people think that granola bar is nutritious and high in fiber. Yeah, why not – there
are whole oats, cubes of dried fruits, bits of nuts, crunchy and seeds.

Do not be fooled just yet. Try looking at the ingredient label and you’ll see blood sugar-raising honey (usually refined – CHEAP is the word of the day), (high-fructose) corn syrup and (heavenly) caramel.

But what if it is low-sugar granola bars? Drum rolls please - Please welcome the high-calorie candy bar! - Your not-so-sweet granola bar is actually substituted with artificial sweeteners and topped with chocolate chips.

“What! Saying No to normal granola bars and even no to low-sugar ones?

So I am supposed to buy?” If you can’t resist them, choose them wisely.
Aim for those with at least two to four grams fiber and less than 10 grams sugar per serving.

Or you can mix your very own DIY (and home-made) granola. Get wholegrain toasted oat cereals and add in a cocktail of whole nuts, seeds and chunks of unsweetened dried fruit!

B. Frozen Yogurts

“Yummy yogurt makes my tummy dandy and healthy”. It is known to be beneficial to the intestines and immune system, due to its live and active cultures.

Freeze! Get your hands off that low fat or fat free yogurt. Be skeptical of low-fat yogurt claims. Think twice before you buy it. Although labeled fat free or low-fat, this kind of yogurts gives you some mean calories. How is that so? The culprit is sugar or high fructose corn syrup, which is normally added to make a fruity-flavored yogurt. More sugar simply means more calories.

“Hmm...what a nice purple-looking yogurt”. Your blueberry-flavored yogurt looks and tastes ‘berry’ nice? Ah, that is thanks to some artificial colorings and flavorings that mimics blueberry.

C. Sushi/ California Rolls

“Whoa! Are you being serious here? Sushi and California rolls are unhealthy!? What makes you say that?” That is probably your initial reaction upon seeing that sushi or California rolls are deemed unhealthy.

Yes, this food type is healthy in the sense of not being oily and has protein as well as Omega 3 fatty acid from the fishes used in making the food. Additionally, the essential part of sushi; a sea plant (seaweed that is) will bless with your body with nutrients like iodine, selenium and calcium.

Yet (oh no), you have not factor in carbon-rich white rice, preservatives packed processed crab stick, fatty mayonnaise and fried tempura.

You have to be aware that salmon is susceptible to parasitic infection while tuna are known to have mercury contamination (depending on the water source where tuna is harvested). Fishes are also reported to be infected by worms (e.g.: tapeworm and roundworm). That is why freezing fishes at -15.56 degree Celsius (4 degree Fahrenheit) for over 72 hours is a must to kill those parasites.

“But it cannot be that bad. Sushi restaurants are everywhere, so it should mean something, right?” This article is never intended to ridicule sushi. Definitely, sushi is loaded with health benefits mentioned earlier. What can you do to continue enjoy this Japanese food is choosing a reputable sushi restaurant, not attempting to freeze your own fish (unless you have the means to do so) and opt for cooked fish.

Not all food is bad. In fact, all food is healthy if you eat it in a healthy way by practicing eating by moderation with balanced nutrients. 


Happy reading,

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