Myths About Colon Cancer   

Myths About Colon Cancer

Myth: Colon cancer is a man's disease

Truth: Colon cancer is almost as common among women as it is in men. In Malaysia, colon cancer is the third most common affecting women and the most common cancer affecting Malaysian men.

Myth: Colon cancer cannot be prevented

Truth: An early warning sign of colon cancer is the formation of a small, noncancerous growth called a polyp. If the polyp is found early, it can be removed before cancer develops.

Myth: Colon cancer can strike at any age

Truth: Most cases of colon cancer in Malaysia occur in people over the age of 40

Myth: You don't need to be screened for colon cancer if you have regular bowel movements and you're feeling fine

Truth: Colon cancer is a silent killer. Usually, there are no symptoms to rely on and when there are, the cancer may be at an advanced stage. Warning signs that you can keep an eye out for include blood in your stools, narrower than normal stools. Unexplained abdominal pain, unexplained change in bowel habits and unexplained weight loss. 


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