Love, the Invisible nutrition   

Love, the Invisible nutrition


We discovered health when we lost it; we paid attention to love when we lack it!
Human only discovered the importance of health once they lost it, and only those who lost their health will treasure their health. In addition of knowing how to take good care of our health, we also need to know how to love!

Perhaps the busy work and life keep you on every single day and night, but still, health and love should also be considered as well.

Is mind and body treatment better than the medicinal treatment?
Actually, when I’m doing diagnosis on the patient, I’ll look at the patient’s level of needs before I decide on what kind of treatments should be given to the patient. The level of needs means what is the need of the patient’s body, for instance, nutrition, herbs, medical treatment, family or emotional therapy. Treating the patient based on suitable needs after understanding the patient can cure the patient more effectively.

How do you look upon depression?
Depression” seems to be the most common disease of the modern people. In addition to stress and pressure from every aspect, one of the reasons of depression involves “lack of love” and “hungry for love”.

When a person desperately needs something to fill in his/her hearts but could not find it, and could not find a cure or let it go, he or she will land into some abusive actions such as suicide, self mutilation and mental breakdown.

Humans need love, the invincible nutrition for humans when they are in great need of care and love from others. We need to let others know about our own thoughts, but we also need to understand and experience others’ ideas at the same time.

What do you think the people in the modern society should do to maintain the relationships between people?
As a matter of fact, I believe humans live in this world for “happiness”.

Everyone knows about this theory but how many of us can actually achieve it? It is easy to maintain the relationships with other people for a long period, which is not having the idea of “I want to change you”.

For instance, there is a couple who has been married for more than 20 years. The wife always wants to change her husband but refused to be changed by him, and they had arguments as time passes by. How should they continue to maintain their relationships in the long term?

The theory is simple, because humans always seek for the items that they do not possess, or the items that they want to possess, and this causes them to attach the idea on their partner. Therefore, when you do not wish to be changed by other people, then do not have the idea of changing other people’s way of thinking. 


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