Kids, Go Slow on Fast Food – It Makes You Fat   

Kids, Go Slow on Fast Food – It Makes You Fat

Knock, knock, knock…
Wendy Body and Toby Body came to open the door.

“Hello there, dear kids! We are from Fast Food Kingdom. Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Mr. Fried Chicken. These people behind me are my friends - Mr. French Fries, Mr. Supersized Chicken Burger, Mr. Maximized Hamburger, Mr. Long Hot Dog, Mr. Extra Cheesy Cheeseburger and Mr. Cola Soda.

“How old are you both?”

The Body siblings replied, “We are twins and we are ten years old, thank you.”

“Oh my, you twins are sweet and polite”, said Mr. Fried Chicken. “We are the Faz-Fud Dudes. If you become our friends, you will get free toys to play with. Do you want to be friends with us?” asked Mr. Fried Chicken.

“No, no, no. Our mom and dad told us not to talk to strangers. By the way, they told us that people like you will make us fat, especially through the oil to fry the fries and the saturated fats in meat and skin. You people have the reputation to be very addictive, which will only make us eat more.

Mr. Fried Chicken tried to persuade Wendy and Toby again. “No - no. We do not mean to force you to become our close friends in an instant. You do not need to welcome us every day. Once in a while, we can play, we will give you toys.” Mr. French Fries added, “We are not stalkers. We are appetite pleasers. I am sure you hate those celery stalks and broccoli in your school meals.”

Toby retorted. “No thanks. We don’t want to die so early. Moreover, by becoming friends with you, we are sure that we do not get the toys for nothing. Most of you have bad fats. The likes of Mr. Supersized Chicken Burger, Mr. Maximized Hamburger, Mr. Extra Cheesy Cheeseburger and Mr. Long Hot Dog will super-shrink our arteries with their high cholesterol contents.”

“Yeah”, Wendy chipped in. “Besides, you fail to let us know that Mr. Cola Soda has almost nine teaspoons of sugar. We are young, but we are not fools to fall for your sweet temptations. We certainly do not want to end up in Kingdom Hospital. We don’t want to sleep on the bed the whole day.
We want to go to school and play. We want to be happy. So, stay away from us!”

Feeling rather defeated, the Faz-Fud Dudes left. Suddenly, Vege Lady, Fruitzy and Nutty Boy appeared.
“Hi there kids. Aren’t those Faz-Fud Dudes annoying”, said Vege Lady.

The rest joined in, “Yeah, they should not force you to become their friends if you refused. Do not worry. We are here for you. We will be present if they are to disturb you again. We will make sure you will be protected from becoming obese, and affected by all sorts of diseases and
ailments. We sure hate to see you in Kingdom Hospital.”
Nutty Boy exclaimed, “They may have toys, but we have health joys.

What we have are lots of vitamins and other antioxidants. And don’t think I have lots of fats. My nuts friends and I have healthy fats that take care of your heart and equip you with brainy brains too!”

“Yes, yes, yes. We want to live happily and healthily ever after,” the Body siblings sing in unison.

The sibling’s neighbor and school mates; Lazy Fuzzy and Food Junkie heard their conversation. They cannot believe what the siblings are getting into. “Faz-Fud Dudes are the best. They taste much better than yucky greens. Do not become friends with Vege Lady and the gang” they exclaimed.

“We sure are having fun with the many toys Faz-Fud Dudes gave us. In fact, we invite them rather frequently,” Food Junkie sniggers. Lazy Fuzzy added, “We are best friends.”
Fast forward 30 years later, Lazy Fuzzy accidentally met Wendy Body and Toby Body in a car park. “Hey there, how are you? Where is Food Junkie?” asked Toby Body. In an instant, Food Junkie lowered his head and said sombrely, “He passed away few days ago. He had died of a heart attack. He is still young at the age of early forties. Only old people have heart attack. The doctor said it was because of Faz-Fud Dudes.”

They all hugged each other and cried. 

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