It Is Possible to See Your Future Generation Healthy?   

It Is Possible to See Your Future Generation Healthy?

In today’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyles, we are threatened by several chronic disease such high blood cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and cancers. They are not the diseases for the elders. Instead, the younger generations are being pulled into the pool of diseases at a worrying trend; young people are now becoming victims of cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Here are some alarming facts:
Over the past three decades, the proportion of overweight children has doubled among 2-5 years old and tripled among 6-19 years old.

Diabetes rates are increasing among youth. In the US, about
154,000 youth under the age of 20 years old, have diabetes. In 2006, one in 523 people younger than 20 years old has diabetes.

Cancer rates among teens and those in their early 20’s are rising, particularly involving cancers of lymphoma, melanoma and germ cell tumors (including testicular germ cell tumors).

When we read the above, we begin to wonder whether we can really see our future generation healthy. Some of the chronic diseases are inherited, such as cancers, diabetes and even obesity. The probability of us passing “healthy traits” to our offspring is actually viable and quantifiable. Genetic changes can be brought about through proper and healthy lifestyle.

Here are some facts to clear your doubts;

The research in the US revealed that lifestyle changes including proper diet and more exercises, will not only lead to better physical health but also bring about changes at a genetic level.

Unhealthy lifestyle is said to cause genetic damage. Smoking
or drinking alcohol can bring about chemical changes in men’s semen. The changes could be possibly inherited by their immediate descendants and their next generations.

Note: The controversy on genetic changes via healthy lifestyle still ongoing. But why wait for the research to bring good news? The results could be years away. Why not lead an active and healthy lifestyle, as you can boost your health status. If your immediate generation and future generation stand to benefit from a possible healthier genetic status, this would be a plus point, of which you have nothing to lose. 

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