Household Products Are Chemical Cocktails?   

Household Products Are Chemical Cocktails?

How often do you use these products?

Home improvement:
Air freshener, bleach and toilet bowl cleaner…

Animal repellent, fungicide, herbicide, insecticide and fertilizer…

Swimming pool products and drain cleaner…

Car maintenance:
Brake fluid, polishes, waxes and car shampoo…

Arts and crafts:
Paint, paint thinner, adhesive, glue and varnish…

Pet care:
Pet shampoo, flea and tick control and odor remover…
Can you find a brand that didn't emit at least one toxic chemical?

A research on toxic chemicals found in household products has been done by the University of Washington. Some of the shocking discovery from this research included:
1. 58 types of volatile chemicals exceed the recommended safety levels
2. More than 20 hazardous chemicals found in an air freshener
The household products are really hazardous if they are:
1. Ignitable (capable of burning or causing fire)
2. Corrosive (capable of causing damage on materials or our skin when contacts occur)
3. Explosive and/or reactive (capable of causing explosion and releases poisonous chemicals in air or water)
4. Toxic (poisonous, immediately/acutely toxic or after long period/chronically toxic)
5. Radioactive (capable of damaging cells that causes serious complications like cancer)

Normally, warnings will be given for hazardous products such as:
1. Keep out of reach of children
2. Use in a well-ventilated area
The level of hazards can be identified by:
1. Danger – extremely flammable, corrosive or toxic
2. Poison – highly toxic
3. Warning or caution – moderately or slightly toxic

Sometimes, manufacturers have to admit – the level of the hazard could be very vague. For example, the word ‘warning’ in pesticides means that it is slightly toxic. In fact, one teaspoon of pesticides can translate to death.

We really don't know what's in the products that we use daily, and we don’t always see what we see. Well, empower yourself with basic knowledge in chemicals and the products using them – and hopefully you can prevent yourself and your family from possible harms. 

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