Hard To Say Goodbye to Nicotine (Quit Smoking)?   

Hard To Say Goodbye to Nicotine (Quit Smoking)?

Quit smoking? Okay, everyone has told me they will quit. You realize it's bad for your health, but you just can't seem to quit! You know whenever budget comes everyone will say, if the cigarettes price goes up this time, I’ll definitely stop smoking! But saying is one thing, action is another thing…how much willpower do you have?

My friend told me, “That's just the problem. I want to quit but not determined enough to do it.”

Last weekend, when I’d tea with a friend at a coffee shop, he asked the shopkeeper for a packet of cigarettes. While he was taking the packet ,he saw the ugly and terrible (damaged lungs) photo printed on the cover. He asked for a change if there’s any packet without those photo but unfortunately, there isn't one. So I asked him, “Why are you so scared to see the photo and yet you want to smoke?” He replied, “I tried to quit but it's very hard.” I jokingly insulted him, “How are you going to think if your brains are stuck with nicotine and polluted with all the unhealthy smoke?”

He just laughed and couldn’t answer me.

It is indeed the hardest thing many people have done. However, it really can be done, and it really a worthwhile action. Just as with so many things to do with health habits, there is no "magic bullet" which will cure the problem but there are many things that can help if you truly want to quit.

As we'll see, that's really not an unusual sentiment. And there's a reason for it. I have not really known anyone who is absolutely sure that they want to quit, or are absolutely sure that they are going to be able to do it.

However, I know many, many people who have quitted despite their doubts (my Dad quitted successfully at the age of 56, after been smoking for more than 3 decades).

Smokers get tired of hearing it, and physicians get tired of saying it, but make no mistake, it is so very important. In fact, the American Heart Association declares that it is "THE SINGLE MOST ALTERABLE RISK FACTOR" contributing to early death in the United States, accounting for 400,000 deaths annually. It has been estimated that about 1/2 of smokers will be killed by their habits, and that people in their 20's will live one-quarter less than a non-smoker of the same age.

Surely, you've heard by now that smoking damages your health. If you already have one of the diseases listed below, you may be virtually certain that the cigarettes you have smoked contribute, perhaps greatly, to the diseases. Furthermore, you can also count on stabilizing or reversing the problems if you quit.

1. Lung disease

2. Lung cancer

3. Emphysema

4. ancers other than lung cancer: Associations are noted with bladder, stomach, pancreas, esophagus, larynx, mouth and cervix.

5. Peptic ulcer disease.

6. Heart disease, particularly diseases of the heart arteries. Smoking kills more people through its increase in heart attacks than it does with cancer or emphysema!

Let's look at some of the cardiovascular risks:

1. 30% of deaths due to heart attacks and coronary artery disease are due to smoking.

2. The risk of heart attack is increased six times in women and three times in men (this is at one pack per day).

3. People who continue to smoke after a heart attack increase their risk by 25-50%.

4. The risk of stroke is markedly increased.

The fact that smoking causes problems for the heart arteries is not surprising when you consider that smoking has been demonstrated to:

1. Increases bad (LDL) cholesterol

2. Lowers good (HDL) cholesterol

3. Increases insulin resistance

4. Cigarettes are loaded with "free radicals" which "oxidize" the LDL cholesterol. Oxidized LDL is the very worst type of cholesterol.

5. Directly accelerates the progression of the atherosclerotic plaque.

6. Increases the heart rate and the blood pressure

7. Increases fibrinogen, a protein involved in the formation of clots

8. Increases the "stickiness" of platelets, the blood elements involved in clotting

9. Impairs the responsiveness of the cells lining the blood vessels.

10. Makes the carotid arteries thicker and other arteries stiffer.

11. Causes spasm of the heart arteries. 

Why should you quit?

Well, obviously to avoid the problems above. But beyond this, consider:

1. The money you'll save and use for better means (1 pack per day approaches RM3000++ in a year)

2. The time and trouble you'll save going to smoking areas.

3. You will feel better (no smelly mouth and dirty teeth). This may not be as dramatic as some would paint the picture, at least over the short run, but over the long haul it is certainly true.

4. Food does smell and taste better.

5. Isn't it time you stop giving the cigarette manufacturer's your money?

Why is it so hard?

Nicotine does have a euphoric effect which makes people feel better in the short run. As in all addictive drugs, this effect decreases over time, and increasing doses are needed to obtain lesser feelings of well-being.

As in all addictive drugs, there are symptoms of withdrawal that are well known to smokers (and perhaps underestimated by non-smokers). These symptoms are depression, insomnia, frustration, anger, anxiety, restlessness, etc..

You'll see it even more clearly when you stop. It is a potent addiction. It is amazing how this addiction works its way into you, convincing you that you need another cigarette. One of the amazing things you’ll discovered after stopping smoking, and you did it for a long time, is that you’ll be less stressed. The addiction spoke to you, convincing you that you need some help dealing with a stressful situation. In fact, after quit smoking, you didn't seem to be as many problems that required so much thinking! (A smoker friend disclosed to me).

Few of my friends had quitted successfully and they shared their experience with me. According to them, although it was tough at the beginning, they eventually feel it’s worth the ‘struggle’. They have better stamina, better breathe, less cough, good appetite and enjoy food so much! Many of them put on weight after quitting but the most important matter is health....cool yeah! 


Happy reading,

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