Economic Crisis Brings Emotional Disturbances   

Economic Crisis Brings Emotional Disturbances


‘Leading U.S.-based investment bank: Lehman Brothers (158 years old) declared bankrupt – Largest bankruptcy in world history’
‘Dow Jones industrial fell 777.88 – Largest drop for a single day in U.S. history’
‘Washington Mutual Bank bought over by JP Morgan Chase –
Largest bank failure in U.S. history’

These are only a few outcomes of the economic recession which have caused world-wide panic while Americans are beginning to feel the downfall of their well-being. Many people are facing sleep disorders. The downfall of the economy is one of the significant causes of stress nowadays leading to devastating effects of one’s emotional health.
Although it is natural to feel anxiety, anger and pressure during life’s difficult times, it becomes crippling when these feelings form obstacles preventing you from living life normally. In fact, a person’s emotional stress status reveals much about their strength and capabilities during trying times.

Not many may realize how crucial emotional health is in facing this economic crisis. Without a positive attitude, the ability to deal with challenges faced in the present and future may be paralyzed. Emotional strength gives an individual or organization the ability to utilize emotions to help individuals at solving problem and living more effective lives and the organization at facing these economic and social changes.

‘Emotional Competencies’ equals the co-operation between the head, heart and hands... How, you wonder?
Individuals go into three different self-protection modes when faced with problems or challenges: FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE.

FIGHT: Body system prepares for confrontation – Hyper alert, charged with adrenalin, more aggressive.
FLIGHT: Individual prepares to escape – More anxious, charged with adrenalin, looks for ways to escape.
FREEZE: Individual becomes wary and cautious but is paralyzed with fear.

In summary: When a person is roused due to fear or stress, the brain works against them by shutting down the part which helps in thinking and dealing with the problems. It is therefore vital to know how to deal with one’s emotions especially during this recession in order to be successful
and to survive in the new economic era. 


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