Diabetes- Your Oral Health   

Diabetes- Your Oral Health

People with diabetes are more susceptible to oral health problem. At the same time oral health could increase the risk of diabetes too. Thus oral health and diabetes is appears to be a two way street. You may wonder how it could happen.

When the blood glucose level is higher,

1. The blood vessels in the mouth will be narrower which reduces the blood supply to the gums. Therefore gums will be susceptible to infections.
2. Amounts of saliva in the mouth decreased and it causes dry mouth.
Saliva is natural cleanser for teeth and gum, which contains antibacterial properties. Thus, dry mouth will lead to an increase of plaque; tartar build-up which might causes gum disease.
3. Could causes thrush, a fungal infection which results in formation of painful white patches

When there is periodontal disease occur in a person,

It causes bacteria enter the bloodstream and activate the immune cells. These activated cells will produce inflammatory biological signals (cytokines) which affect the entire body. When it comes to pancreas, high levels of cytokines capable to damage cells that responsible for insulin production. Thus chronic periodontal disease could lead to Type-2 diabetes.

Mouth is window to overall health. So, each and every individual have to take care of their oral health. There are few herbs that can be used for good oral health in addition to brushing and flossing. For an example:

Essential oils:

There are few essential oil bearing plants that are act as antibacterial and helps in stimulating blood flow to gums. Example of herbs: Spearmint, fennel, cinnamon, sage, thyme, and peppermint.


Research shows that plant rich in tannin capable as anti-viral. Example of herbs is

1. Krameria which contain 40% could act as dentifrice if combine with myrrh and can be applied for bleeding gums or spongy gums.
2. For chronic gum inflammation, sage can be used.

Antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammation:
1. Bloodroot strongly inhibits plaque and decay causing bacteria.
2. Plantain is used for abscess and also for inflammation

Consistent oral hygiene is vital in order prevent diabetes Type-2 diabetes.
Patients should monitor their oral health in order to prevent their diabetes and oral health from getting worst.

For healthy smile watch out your oral health and monitor your diabetes if you in the diabetes zone. 


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