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Common Pain Sites

Certain locations of the body are more prone to muscle and joint pain.
From sprains, fractures, infection, and breaks to osteoporosis, arthritis and cancer, there are many reasons for joint and muscle pain. What you might not realise is that you could be enduring a lot of preventable joint and muscle strain simply due to a few bad habits. Are you guilty of any of the following?

1. Neck
* Poorly adjusted driving seat, so you're left reaching for the steering wheel.
* Cradling the receiver with your shoulder during telephone calls.
* Sleeping on your stomach with your neck bent or twisted at an odd angle.
* Poor posture when seated at your work station.

2. Shoulder
* Constant heavy lifting.
* Poor posture when doing desk work.
* Continuous desk work without a break.
* Failing to stretch your shoulder muscles before exercising.
* Frozen shoulder.
* Rotator cuff disorders.
* Shoulder instability.

3. Hands/elbows
* Overuse of the forearm, leading to tendinopathy (tennis elbow).
* Wrongly-positioned keyboard and mouse when using the computer.
* Repetitive hand movements during sports or exercise. 

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