Belly Fat-Which Are You?   

Belly Fat-Which Are You?

All of us of course worry about our physical looks because the first impressions of an individual begin looks. Although we can’t judge a person by the looks as the proverb says “do not judge the book by the cover”, sometimes physical appearance do reveal some characteristics of a person. Speaking about this, nowadays most of the people especially teenagers worry about their belly fat or so called as tummy fat. But less of them take proper action to banish it instead of worry about it. This belly fat not only gives bad impression for the others but it does affect the self confidence or self esteem of that particular person.

Most of teenagers doesn’t aware that they are building up their belly fat till at one point time they aware that they had a spare tire and have to get rid of it. Usually guys love to have flat belly and so called “SIX-PACK abs” but sadly they end up with “ONE-PACK abs” as they grow older. Women more conscious about the body shape and almost all women want to be slim. But due to fat accumulation in body parts, most women end up with primarily 2 types of body shapes; either “PEAR SHAPE” or “APPLE SHAPE”. Sure girls who reading this article most probably cracking your head either you are pear shape or apple shape. Here are the descriptions;

Pear shape

1. Low waist to hip ratio.
2. If you have accumulated fat below the waistline on your hips, thighs and bottoms, as opposed to your stomach and mid-section than you have classified yourself as “PEAR SHAPE” lady.
3. For pear shape, waist to hip ratio is below 0.80
4. Said to have lower chances of getting cardiovascular/metabolic diseases, including diabetes when compared to apple-shaped people.

Apple shape

1. High waist to hip ratio.
2. If you have accumulated fat on mid section of your body like stomach, abdomen and chest than you have to classify yourself as “APPLE SHAPE” lady.
3. For apple shape, waist to hip ratio is above 0.80
4. Apple-shaped people have higher chances of getting
cardiovascular/metabolic diseases, including diabetes.

If you think that you are between this two shape than sometimes people will view you as avocado shape.

Most of people will find suitable dressing style for themselves in order to hide their fat from people’s view. Bear in mind that you can’t hide the fat from you. Why lie to yourself, because at the end, you are the one going to face the consequences.

Why not you take proper action in order trim your belly fat? You may wonder is it possible? Don’t get upset. For certainly it is possible and the good news is belly fat is the kind of fat that is lost when we lose weight. 


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