7 Facts You Need to Know About Soft/Soda drinks and Why Should You Avoid Them   

7 Facts You Need to Know About Soft/Soda drinks and Why Should You Avoid Them


1. Drink soda, drink sugar-full of diseases

Soft drinks are simply sugar water. High amounts of sugar intake can lead to diabetes and obesity. This is particularly serious among growing children because it may lead to life-long health problems. You may run a risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease if you take lots of sugar!

2. You may get less brainy

Some soft drinks, especially cola (caffeine occurs naturally in kola nuts) contain as much caffeine as tea and coffee! The stimulant properties and dependence potential of caffeine may have negative effects on brain development.

3. Soda/Soft drink is a disease magnet in disguise

Soft drinks are extremely acidic. While our body is about pH 7.0, the pH of any type of soft drink can be as low as 2.5!!
Did you know that an acidic body environment is a magnet for sickness and diseases? Soft drinks and other acidic food will deposit acid waste in the body. Eventually, this causes chronic diseases such as arthritis and cancer.

4. Your sweet tooth will no longer exist

Your existing sweet tooth will be sweet for nothing sooner or later.
Drinking lots of soft drinks causes tooth decay. Acids in soft drinks eat away our tooth enamel and cause your tooth to rot. Soon, you will end up getting cavities and worse still; a false teeth as your birthday gift.

5. Soft drinks give you some bone-cracking effects

Did you know that the active ingredient – phosphoric acid, can dissolve a nail in 4 days time?
Soft drink usually contains lots of phosphorus (or rather phosphoric acid).
When your blood has more phosphorus compared to calcium, it will cause calcium to be pulled out from bones. This weakens bone structure, increasing the risk of fractures and broken bones.

6. You may be drinking aluminum

Besides sugar, caffeine, phosphoric acid and sodium benzoate, you may be drinking aluminum too. Soft drinks manufactured in aluminum cans are usually layered with a protective coating to prevent acid from the drink to eat away the aluminum.
If there is a manufacture defect (combined with the extremely acidic soft drinks), there is a possibility that it can cause aluminum to leach out. Or if the can has sat too long on the supermarket shelf, traces of aluminum can also be leached out.
Over the years of, your body could accumulate high levels of aluminum.
This may lead to kidney disease, brain damage and Alzheimer’s.

7. Coke removes tough stains!

Shockingly true. Want to put the shine back on your things? Try using Coke.
Citric acid in soda plays a role in removing stubborn stains. Try pouring a can of Coke into the toilet bowl/floor. Then leave it for few minutes. The stains are off!! Imagine what it can do to your body. 


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