What's So Good About Spirulina?   

What's So Good About Spirulina?

And other commonly asked questions, answered.

What are the most common uses of Spirulina for health?

We think of Spirulina when we want to be healthy. Spirulina can be considered a health food that we can use in the prevention of modern illnesses that arise from a stressful lifestyle and improper nutrition. It is useful for supplying nutrients and vitamins that we need to enhance our metabolism and immune system.

What makes Spirulina so nutritious?
Spirulina is known as a superfood because its nutrient profile is more potent than any other food, plant, grain or herb around. These nutrients and phytonutrients make spirulina a whole food alternative to isolated vitamin supplements. Spirulina is high in biological proteins, with a complete amino-acid profile in the correct proportion - all 8 essential amino acids, plus an additional 10 "non"- essential amino acids. It does not contain saturated fats or cholesterol, and is low in calories.

Is Spirulina easily absorbed and used by the body?
Spirulina is easy to digest and absorbed by the body.
Spirulina does not contain any indigestible substances. It has cell walls that are bubble thin, making it easily dissolved upon contact with moisture and digestive enzymes. It is also easily absorbed into the bloodstream without any loss of energy.

As a food supplement, can Spirulina be used to replace your multivitamin capsule?
Spirulina is a natural product that's grown organically. Dried in a controlled environment, the preservation of the vital enzymes and living essences contained within the fresh plants, are ensured. It also has a superior nutrient profile to better fulfill the total human nutritional requirements, far better than the synthetic solution.

What is the best way to consume Spirulina powder, liquid or tablets? Does it work better blended into a fruit juice or smoothie?
Spirulina is best kept in the tablet form, which is less susceptible to moisture. When blended with fruit juices, it may produce fermentation overtime. Tablets deliver the same benefits as powder, but digestion takes about an hour. For quicker digestion, some people chew or dissolve the tablets in the mouth. Because it is a natural whole food, you can take the tablet on its own, in between meals.

Some people find the taste of spirulina unappealing. What can be done about it, and how can one consume it?
Spirulina has its natural taste. It might be unappealing to some people in the beginning, but you will soon get used to it after some time. Just remember that the stronger the taste, the more original and fresh the Spirulina product is. It is best to swallow each tablet with a glass of water.

The packaging usually recommends consuming Spirulina on an empty stomach. Why is this so?
Consuming Spirulina on an empty stomach is recommended because, together with your stomach enzyme, the absorption into the bloodstream will be better and quicker.

How does Spirulina compare to other green foods, such as wheatgrass and barley green?
Spirulina is a complete organic food. No other green food, such as wheatgrass and barley green, can match up to its contents of amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

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