The More Vitamin Pills You Take, The More Expensive Your Urine Will Be   

The More Vitamin Pills You Take, The More Expensive Your Urine Will Be


Did you know that ONLY 4%-10% of the vitamins (pills/supplements) are absorbed into human body while the rest is BYE-BYE and ended up in human urine?!

I was like “Are you dead serious?” What a waste. So does this means that all this while, those who gleefully and confidently popping in supplement pills (who in their right mind want to fulfill their daily recommended intake because they are just too busy to consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily) are wasting their time, money and energy (instead of popping in the pills into the mouth, one could have diverted the energy to peel some apples).

The main 'culprit' of the ‘expensive urine’ is the synthetic vitamins, additives, stabilizers, sugar substitutes and other chemical compounds used in producing them. Why expensive urine again? Well, our body absorb lesser of the vitamin pills contents than what we should have in the first place. Human body simply cannot ‘accept’ those lab-produced vitamins. Meaning all the money we have spent to buy the pills actually went down the drain (or urine in this blog post’s context).

A 5-year study (by University of Oxford) on the consumption of vitamins (pills) proved that these vitamins don’t have any positive effects on human body. Does this mean that human are flushing down their money spend on vitamins through the toilet bowl? Yes, absolutely.

If you read the label on your vitamin bottle, make sure the ingredients listed are fruits or vegetables. If it contains scientific name or vitamins name, then you’ll know that it’s not natural vitamins. Look out for iron, copper and iodine (oxidants) as these will destroy the vitamins.
So, where can you get real vitamins from? From natural foods of course!

Fruits and vegetables provide essential natural vitamins. Think you can get vitamins from vitamins pills? Think again if you do not want to put your health and finance in jeopardy. Come to think again, this topic is quite controversial. So, please alert me if any of you ran into other conflicting information. Two pair of eyes are better than mine alone.


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