Taking Food To Greater Heights   

Taking Food To Greater Heights

In recent years, new respect for produce and how it should be prepared to reap its natural benefits have become key factors. Here are some of the movements, trends and concepts that are revolutionising what and how we eat.


Too many health scares globally in recent times have resulted in the need to strengthen the body's immune system. But instead of a slew of pills and supplements, the latest trend that is poised to go big is to consume foods that will boost your immune system. Fresh whole vegetables loaded with phytonutrients keep the body's immune system strong, while produce that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, folate and good bacteria will also assist the body fight carcinogens, free radicals and inflammatory substances. The keyword is to consume unprocessed food that has been grown naturally and prepared judiciously to retain its goodness.


Super foods are packed with wholesome nutrients, come with a host of health giving properties and may even help reduce cholesterol and such. Though some may sound alien, most of these items are readily available. Goji berries (kei chee), spelt and quinoa (both grains), blood oranges, mangosteen, chickpeas and special mushrooms are but a small selection of such foods.


Slow Food Movement was born from the need to have food that is good, clean and fair. Good Food is defined as food that is tasty, nourishing and created from healthy animals and plants that also aims to celebrate and preserve cultural and regional diversity in produce and food preparation.

create food that is us good for the planet us it is for the body, encompassing the importance of minimising the negative impact on local ecosystem and biodiversity Fair Food stresses the need for food to be accessible to all and, by people who are treated fairly and compensated accordingly for their work. 


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