Shield Yourself From Cancer   

Shield Yourself From Cancer

Our ancestors have been using food and herbs as the primary source in treating diseases. Ancient Egyptians used cabbage to treat around 87 types of illnesses while onions were used in the treatment of 28 health complaints. Medical establishments actually acknowledge that food and herbs are effective in treating a number of diseases.

New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of the American Medical Association have agreed that certain foods have the ability to protect us from risky diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart diseases.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) reported that a part of the Americans had developed cancer because of poor diet. It shows that diet could really be able to help us fight dangerous diseases. Examples of food that help increase resistance to cancer include barberry, broccoli, red clover, garlic, green tea, mushrooms, cat's claw and tofu.


This herb has the ability to stimulate the body's natural defense system and thus acts as an anticancer herb.


Broccoli is easy to find and is rich in beta carotene, selenium and fiber which helps to prevent cancer. It also contains indoles and sulforaphanes that are potential weapons to fight cancer.

Cat's claw

Studies carried out up till today have validated the usage of this herb for inflammations, infections and for some cancers.


Garlic is well known for its ability to heal various health problems. Hippocrates used garlic to treat cancer. It has also been used against plague and to help people with heart problems.


Ginseng is known prominently as a healing herb for many serious health problems like cancer, diabetes and infertility.

Green tea

You can consume green tea on a daily basis. It is renowned for its antioxidant property. A Japanese researcher named Hirota Fujiki said that drinking green tea daily is one of the most practical cancer prevention methods at the moment. A cup of green tea a day keeps the cancer away!


Some studies indicate that mushrooms are able to stimulate the immune system and fight the growth of tumor cells. Examples of mushrooms that have the potential to fight cancers are Shiitake and Reishi.


You may wonder whether tofu can in fact help in the fight against cancer. There are proven studies which indicate that consumption of tofu is able to decrease the risks of getting breast cancer. Men who take tofu regularly in their meals have lower rates of prostate cancer.

Most of these herbs can be easily found at the market. Make it a point to include some of these herbs in your daily meals to help prevent cancer.


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