Potato, Cheap Yet Nutritious   

Potato, Cheap Yet Nutritious

Remember the 'Mr. Potato Head' cartoon that started way back in 1998 (by Fox Children's Network)? He must be proud this time around. Why is that so?
It was because, 2008 was 'International Year of The Potato', declared all the way back in 2005, during a United Nations general assembly.
Potato is quite a cheap crop and is a major food entry in many countries.
Providing a host of nutrients and cheaply available, the UN dudes want to promote its cultivation for food security purposes.

These are some good stuffs about this tuber vegetable:
1. Carbohydrate is the chief nutrient in potato.
2. Highest in Potassium: Potato is the No. 1 in potassium level among the other 19 raw vegetables in contest.
3. A cup of baked potato contains 21.0% of the daily value of vitamin B6, a cell building vitamin
4. Highest protein content (around 2.1 percent on a fresh weight basis) in the family of root and tuber crops.
5. Vitamin C: A single medium-sized potato contains about half the recommended daily intake.

Who doesn't love some yummy bites of potato crisps, potato fries and mashed potato ('meltingly' good huh). But, do eat in moderation guys and girls. Or why not boil them or steam them? Or even go RAW! You don't want to put on extra pounds of weight, do you?
Sit back (but don't be a couch potato) and enjoy browsing the website dedicated for POTATOES around the world. They have some weird but unique-looking pictures of various potato varieties around the world.


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