Eat potato chips in moderation   

Eat potato chips in moderation


Acrylamide found in foods may lead to a higher risk of heart disease, a study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed.
Acrylamide is a carcinogen found in some foods, especially in starchy foods and cereals that are cooked at high temperatures; examples are potato chips and French fries. Adverse changes have been found among the study volunteers - comprising oxidized LDL, inflammatory markers
and antioxidants - in those who consume large amounts of potato chips (equivalent to 157 micrograms of acrylamide) every day for a month.
These substances are responsible for eliminating acrylamide from the body. And these changes may lead to heart disease. More long-term studies are needed to study on individuals who take in typical amounts of acrylamide (20 to 30 micrograms).

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