Don't Let Your Body Lose Out On Vitamin C   

Don't Let Your Body Lose Out On Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is continuously lost from the body. To replenish the amounts lost, everyone needs Vitamin C daily for the maintenance of good health. In fact, Vitamin C has the highest daily requirement by weight of any vitamin. Why is this requirement so high?
Partly because Vitamin C plays a role in more bodily functions than any other vitamin or mineral. It's most basic job is to maintain the body's teeth, bone, blood vessels, muscles, and the collagen matrix that makes up our cartilage. But it also aids in wound healing and resistance to infection, and it can reduce the bronchial construction that occurs when people are exposed to ozone. Too little of it can lead to the serious disorder of scurvy, now only rarely observed in most countries with adequate nutrition. If a balanced diet is followed, most of us will get enough Vitamin C in fresh green vegetables, potatoes, citrus and other fruits such as melons, berries, and tomatoes. But even if you think you're getting the recommended amount of Vitamin C daily, the actual supply your body has to work with may be seriously depleted by a number of activities. First of all, processing (chopping and peeling of vegetables), freezing, canning, and cooking can have an adverse effect on the Vitamin C available in the foods we eat. The enzymes that accompany Vitamin C in a fruit or plant also can start its destruction, and exposure to light can speed up its loss. In fact, Vitamin C is easily destroyed by both heat and light. Even worse, our lifestyles can affect the amount of Vitamin C in our system. Smoking, pollution, alcohol abuse, the use of birth control pills and certain medications, and stress from dieting and physical activity can all reduce the amount of Vitamin C - or even destroy it before our bodies can use it.

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