Controversial Health Issues: Cow Milk and Soy   

Controversial Health Issues: Cow Milk and Soy

Health updates always present us with shocking news and truths (really?)-such as demonizing humble cow's milk and soy products. In my personal non-scientist's opinion, these health revelations seem quite shocking and warrants some debate and research. Okay, let's see TWO main HEALTH CONTROVERSIES.

ONE: Cow's Milk is Dangerous

Common health issues aside (such as having lots of saturated fat), cow's milk is said to be harmful to us because it packs with:
1. Growth hormones used to make cows grow bigger and produce more milk.
2. 20% more pus due to the hormonal injection on cow's udder, in which they need more antibiotics.
3. Indigestible milk - cow's milk is for baby cows, not HUMANS.

TWO: Soy May Not Longer Be a Health Joy

Not to pull the joy out of the goodness of soy, it has been claimed that soy actually causes breast cancer!
It is simply because soy has high levels of plant estrogens, which can fuel more breast cancer cell growth.

So, WHAT NOW? No milk (both cow's and soy's)? How can we non-infants get our daily calcium then? If you would like to believe these latest health developments and exercise caution, you have the option to consume other calcium-rich food sources. In contrast, if you are like XFile's most skeptical FBI agent called Agent Scully -- who thinks that
milk's cow 'demonization' as dangerous is based on conspiracy theories -- then shall I suggest you approach this issue with a more open mind. You could exercise a little caution by consuming cow's milk and soy product in moderation (of which now begs the question how much is too much).

Before I end my newsletter, let me drop another BOMB, especially for you Energy Drink Drinkers. Drinking Energy Drink will hit the bull's eye in your brain - it can cause stroke!
Believe it or not, it's your decision! Once again, consume everything in moderation.


Happy reading,

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