Coffee's Hidden Calories   

Coffee's Hidden Calories

You're getting more than a dose of caffeine when you pick up your regular morning latte.

You might also be getting a mug full of calories, sugar and fat. For example, depending on the kind of milk and ingredients used, a large latte can be loaded with 250 calories to 570 calories.

But there's no need to get all frothy over this information. You can still enjoy your java drink, as long as you follow these tips for a healthy coffee break:

1. Choose the smallest size cup-either 8 ounces or 12 ounces. That can save you 110 calories.
2. Get your coffee drink with fat-free milk instead of whole milk. That can save you about 80 calories and 8 grams of fat.
3. Replace sugar with sugar substitutes. Here's why: If you drink five cups of coffee a day with two teaspoons of sugar in each, you're taking in an extra 150 calories.
4. Do without the whipped cream, flavored syrup or chocolate, or candy toppings. They're loaded with calories.


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