Top Wellness Health looks for good reasons to indulge in chocolate.

Chocolate: the divine drink, which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food.

Almost all women would vouch that cocoa deserves to be called 'the food of the gods'. The Aztec Empire was probably the first to use cocoa in their cooking.

Upon his return from his expedition from Mexico, Spanish conqueror Hernando Cortes brought back with him a foamy, bitter drink called 'chocolatl', introduced to him by Aztec Emperor Montezuma. From there, the Spanish made some improvements by adding sugar, cinnamon and vanilla to the concoction to suit their taste. But it was only in the 1800's that the solid milk chocolate as we know today was created.

Since then, the humble chocolate has become a global phenomenon. It has been made into every chocolate product imaginable such as chocolate bars, chocolate wafers, etc, which comes in all shapes and sizes. Chocolate is a popular gift during the festive seasons especially during Valentine's Day.Chocoholics often worry that their craving for chocolate will lead to rotting teeth, acne outburst and weight gain. The good news is, there have been many studies that show that consuming cocoa have its health benefits. The fact is, the darker chocolate with the most concentrated cocoa is the most beneficial.

For you to reap its health benefits, you need to look for chocolates that are high in cocoa solids (preferably 70% or more) and low in sugar and saturated fat.

If you prefer milk or white chocolate over the dark variety, go for products with a minimum of 30% cocoa solids (for milk chocolate) or 30% chocolate butter (white chocolate). High quality chocolates contain essential trace elements and nutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E.

Cocoa powder boasts the highest amount of health benefits compared to dark chocolate and milk chocolate. While moderate chocolate consumption offers health benefits, this is no excuse to indulge at will. If you have to choose, go for dark chocolate for its higher flavonoid content.


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