Cereals For A Quick, Healthy Start   

Cereals For A Quick, Healthy Start

Chief dietician reminded parents to eat their breakfast, and to be role models to their children to their breakfast too. Your brain and central nervous system run on glucose: the fuel for your daily activities. Not having eaten the entire night, your body needs a replenished blood glucose supply so you can effectively carry out your day's tasks -like a car needs re-fuelling when it runs low on petrol, breakfast cereals with milk, is the quickest and versatile option for rushed mornings.

Low blood glucose may also lead to psychological and physical problems, such as dizziness, faintness, fatigue and anxiety, in both children and adults. Making breakfast enjoyable is the responsibility of parents. Breakfast can be simple, easy and healthful, with ready-to-eat options, such as cereals, milk or yogurt, which can also be easily packed for later. Also suggested combining with milk or soymilk and a variety of fresh fruits and nuts to provide children with the important nutrients. When buying cereals, choose those fortified with vitamins and minerals, and that are high in fiber.


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