Can Carrot Juice and Concentrated Nutrition Cure Myopia (Nearsightedness)?   

Can Carrot Juice and Concentrated Nutrition Cure Myopia (Nearsightedness)?

Drinking carrot juice can reverse your bad eyesight to vision 20/20?

One wrote that his wife had her eyesight improved to vision 20/20 in year 2000, after 10 years of shortsightedness. Oh, and since then, her perfect vision still remains perfect. Guess what the secret to the reversal of bad eyesight? It is none other than taking carrot juice 3-4 times (or more) weekly and consuming whole food supplements – in the name of CONCENTRATED NUTRITION. Not only her nearsighted vision is cured, her health and energy level have also been improved.

Since young, we have been bombarded with this message, “Carrot is good for your eyes”. Nevertheless, how many of us have ever thought of carrot’s effectiveness in curing myopia? This is my first time of hearing such claim, although it has been known that carrot is rich in beta carotene (which is essential for good vision). If carrot can do miracle, why the numbers of young children who are diagnosed with this vision problem are still increasing? Furthermore, some people have been eating carrot every day since young but they are still greeted by myopia.

How do concentrated whole food supplements contribute to our health?
Consuming concentrated whole food supplements will allow you to absorb all the complex nutrition (including antioxidants, activators, active enzymes, coenzymes, minerals, vitamins and other micro-nutrients) of the  entire food. When consume with fresh juice, concentrated whole food supplements will eventually enhance the efficiency of the juice, thus helping you to gain maximum benefits from it.

So, does consuming carrot juice with concentrated whole food supplements every day really help to cure myopia? Well, no matter what the answer is, there is no harm in trying out these remedies. Even if it does not cure your nearsightedness, it helps you to combat health problems. So, you don’t really lose anything.


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