Are You Getting Enough Fibre?   

Are You Getting Enough Fibre?

Find out why your body needs it and how to get it.

We try to drink two litres of water a day, exercise five times a week and have our daily five servings of fruit and veggies. But sometimes life gets in the way- you're r11shing around and forget to drink enough water. Or you're so hectic at work, the gym has to take a back seat. It's the same when it comes to getting your daily dose of fibre.

Feeling healthy inside-out

Being conscientious about eating fruits and vegetables each day, plus pulses and whole grains, and trying to squeeze healthy eating into our busy routines can sometimes be a difficult task. But now there's a new and convenient way to boost your intake.

Benefits of fibre

Sufficient fibre helps our bodies run like clockwork. It is important for both adults and children. The five-a-day message for fruit and vegetables is now well know. Health experts stress that eating five portions is a great source of fibre.

However, not all fruits are fibre-equal. Bananas are quite low, while pears are high in fibre. Green vegetables contain the most fibre. Pulses offer heaps of fibre too.


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