Acidic but Not Really Acidic   

Acidic but Not Really Acidic


All this while, I thought that oranges and lemons are acidic - the notion we cannot have them on an empty stomach is not quite true after all. Why such notion?
Well, I just have to look at how my lemon-based dish-washing liquid gets rid of the grease on my plate! I have even tried to use a halved lemon to grease off my oily plate. Wow, the lemon worked wonders - its strong acidic action reminds me what it could do to my stomach.
Yet, as what I have recently found out (from the articles I have been reading), that notion is indeed far from the truth. Lemons and oranges are totally the opposite - given that they are inside your belly.
Acidic fruits are still acidic in nature. When you put them in your mouth, the acid will be converted into alkaline substances in the body. So yes, lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits (acidic by nature) will turn alkaline when you consume them. Weird huh!
Having an alkaline body is good. If you have acidic body, most likely you could attract more not-so-nice bodily conditions like fatigue and bad skin conditions. As people say, an ACIDIC BODY IS A DISEASE MAGNET. So, that is why I start my juicy mornings with two freshly squeezed oranges - on an empty stomach.

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