Fracture And Osteoporosis   

Fracture And Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis was often detected only after a fracture. However, only about a third of people who have fractured their vertebrae will recognize that they have had a fracture.
The remaining two thirds will think they have a bit of a backache or they pulled a muscle.

Therefore, the role of GPs is crucial in looking out for clues that may point to osteoporosis, such as back pain and loss of height. If a patient displays such symptoms, a spine X-ray should be recommended to determine if a spine fracture - a strong indication of osteoporosis - is present.

Assessment of other risk factors such as menopause, lifestyle factors, body frame (petite versus large) and family history, is also important. Fracture is a major complication of osteoporosis. "Around 20 per cent of patients die as consequence of those fractures and about 50 per cent of them lose their mobility and are incapacitated/' he noted. It also carries the wider implications of costs that affect the family and community. With increasing life expectancy in Asia, osteoporosis will have a greater impact in the region.

Studies have shown that the Chinese population have the most hip fractures because Chinese women tend to have petite body frame with a hip geometry more prone to fractures.

As pointed out in the discussion by rheumatologist, is rather lacking in calcium. In addition, smoking and drinking are on the rise in women in their 20s, and this is bad news for the bones. In fact, this is a worrying
trend as bones consolidate during those years.

Osteoporosis management is focused not just on those who are diagnosed with the disease, but also the high-risk groups and patients who al ready have a fracture. drug the Therapy, such as biphosphonates, selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), can be helpful to prevent further bone loss and fractures.

Patients need to be aware of spine fracture, which are highly predictive of osteoporosis, and are easily picked up in primary caret. In terms of prevention the only way you can have any impact on osteoporosis in
public health is to get kids to drink more mill. 


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