Diabetes and Sexual Health   

Diabetes and Sexual Health

Men with diabetes are cause of the sexual problem more likely to experience some kinds of sexual problems than men without diabetes. The most common sexual problem is erectile dysfunction, but premature ejaculation, failure to ejaculate and an inability to sustain an erection may also be problems. Erectile dysfunction may occur in men with signs of other complications from diabetes.

Men with diabetes may suffer from a temporary loss of sexual desire if blood glucose levels are high. This often improves once blood glucose control improves.

Ideally, treatment options will be discussed with both partners. The particular determines the treatment. Modern treatment is effective, relatively inexpensive and safe.

There is no evidence to suggest that women with diabetes encounter more sexual difficulties than other women. Women with diabetes often report a cyclical change in their insulin requirements related to the menstrual cycle. High blood glucose levels can have a temporarily adverse effect on the sexual aspects of a woman's life. While diabetes increases the risk of thrush, simple and effective treatments exist for most problems encountered.

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