Common Migraine Triggers   

Common Migraine Triggers

1. Foods. The list of foods and additives that can trigger a migraine is quite long. Aged cheeses, bananas, figs, raisins, beer, wine, hard liquor, dairy products, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), citrus fruits, papaya, passion fruit, soy sauce, avocadoes are among some of them.

2. Drugs & Caffeine. Drinking or eating foods that contain caffeine can trigger a migraine; so can rapid or sudden withdrawal of caffeine. Any medication that dilates blood vessels can also trigger a migraine. 3. Emotions & Stress. Stress at work or at home can cause migraines as well as highly pressured work week that's immediately followed by relaxation because of the sudden change of your internal environment.

4. Sensory Stimuli. Migraines can be triggered by smells, fumes, perfumes, strong floral smells, tobacco smoke, bright lights or flickering lights, light glare bright sunlight, paint thinner and ammonia and cooking odors.

5. Changes in Sleep Patterns. If you are tired, sleep-deprived or struggling with jet lag, you will be at heightened risk for a migraine attack. Too much sleep or interrupted sleep patterns can also be triggers. 


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