Boob-tube Toddlers At Risk For Attention Problem   

Boob-tube Toddlers At Risk For Attention Problem

With moms busy working and managing the household, it can be tempting to turn to TV as a substitute nanny. But early television exposure could put toddlers at high risk for attention problems by age 7, a study published in the journalPediatrics says.

In a cross-sectional study, TV-viewing hours for 1,278 children at age 1 and 1,345 at age 3 were reviewed.

Using a survey that scored hyperactivity, researchers found that 10 percent of the subjects had attention problems by age 7. Using a logistical regression model, they concluded that hours of TV viewed per day were associated with these problems.

TV may interfere with the proper development of the brain, resulting in aggressiveness, lower tolerance levels and decreased attention span. It may also slow the development of language skills. While more research is needed, limiting your kid's TV time is a good idea.

Attention problems aren't the only concerns. A child sitting in front of the TV also burns a lot less calories than when he is out playing. Thankfully, changing this habit can be done gently. Instead of imposing authority, start by saying: Let's turn off the TV so we can:

Do this puzzle. Puzzles will not only enhance your child's spatial skills, it will also help him focus on a single task.

Read a book. Reading will expand your child's imagination and increase his language skills.

Play house with your friends. Playing house and other games are opportunities for exercise and the development of social skills and emotional intelligence.


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